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May 27,2012

Memorial Day. Only once a year. Not often enough to turn our thoughts and hearts to those who have served our country.

And now my friends, To Be Continued when Beth Malone meets the pool guy, Maverick.

excerpt: A muscular man knocked at the slider doors, tall and rugged in a denim jacket, worn jeans and boots. Beth unlocked the door to slide it open and he entered, his energy filling the room to bounce off the walls.

Is Doctor Malone here, uh don’t mean to be pushy but he always pays first Monday of the season.”

Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry as tears splashed down Beth’s cheeks in front of this stranger, her only confidante. “The doctor is gone, kaput, flew, the coop, like bye bye, hasta la vista, fare thee well, auf weidersehn, have a nice day.”

An awkward moment passed before he said, “I’ll take care of your beautiful pool.” for more snippets where you can read chapters on my author page




May 20, 2012

Welcome to another Sunday, dear sixers. Hope your week was  prolific and healthy. I look forward to your comments on

To Be Continued as Beth Malone struggles to regain equilibrium now the balance of her life has turned upside down.


In the shower, under the pulsating stream of hot water, Beth emptied an almost full shampoo bottle on short brown hair.  “I want my forty years back,” she whispered through tears choking her throat. Too much conditioner followed the abundance of shampoo as she braced trembling arms against the shower walls and sudsy water sluiced down her body.  Wrapped in a striped blue and yellow bath towel, she dripped her way over to the crumpled letter, stomped on it and walked barefoot to the small balcony outside the bedroom.

Shivering in the chill of a late March morning, Beth Malone surveyed the property as far as she could see.  The beautiful pool slept under a green cover soon to be removed and she’d swim every day in the heated water so warm you could make soup in it, Frank would say;  would—past tense. for more snippets where you can read chapters on my author page



May 13,2012

Mother’s Day. A day to remember and for me, she was my shining light gone too soon. Bless you, dearest Mom. I know you still watch over me and my loved ones.

And now SSS, I begin another book, To Be Continued. As always,  I appreciate your comments and enjoy reading your sixes.

Blurb: Elizabeth Malone wakes up the morning after an amazing night of passion with her husband of forty years to find a note: “Dear Lizzie, it’s not you, it’s me.”

Abandoned by her husband, disappointed in daughter Susie’s casual attitude-‘Dad’s having a mid-life crisis,’ Beth decides to re-establish herself as the winner she once was.

When Frank Malone returns, he’s in for a big surprise! for more snippets where you can read chapters on my author pages

tags: marriage, friendship,infidelity,starting over,survive&thrive,family




May 6, 2012

Welcome back to SSS in the merry month of May, my friends. Hope is the sun is shining on all of you. Know the comments you’ve left have cheered me and given lots of thoughts to future writing.

This week, we meet the twisted mind of Clifford Lansdale, the watcher infatuated with Emily Kendrick. She and Patrick Corwin are married now and here’s what happens next.


Juiced on black coffee, obsessed with his Goddess and his plan, he grabbed keys to the restored dune buggy he treasured and headed out for a little ride. Gunning the motor, the buggy sailed over the dunes onto the flat hard packed sand course set straight ahead for, oh my, if it isn’t his lawyer dear Patrick Corwin jogging alone and where oh where is she? Ah yes, far up the beach, the lonely quiet beach with no one around and only the fierce wind making all that racket.

Just a tap to send him sprawling, one tiny tap, Clifford Lansdale geared up high, pedal to the floor and headed straight for the target.  A slam in the middle of his back sent him flying backwards onto the hood and the lawyer slid almost face to face with the windshield, his eyes already unfocused. Breathing heavily, he climbed out of the buggy using forgotten strength, driven by an adrenalin rush, he tugged at the bloodied body until it was thrown clear landing where waves pooled over the remains of the clever lawyer, Patrick Corwin as he swayed gently with each ebb and flow of the sea. for more snippets where you can read chapters on my author pages