9/30/12 featuring Starting Over

Hi Sixers and friends. I value your comments and thanks so much for stopping by on this last day of September. Last week Emily’s husband Patrick promised he’d care for her the rest of his life. He meant well.


High on his perch, the watcher Clifford Lansdale juiced on oxycontin and black coffee, saw the honeymooners on the beach. Obsessed with his Goddess Emily and his plan, he grabbed keys to the restored dune buggy he treasured and headed out for a little ride. Gunning the motor, the buggy sailed over  dunes onto the flat hard packed sand. Course set straight ahead for, oh my, if it isn’t his lawyer dear Patrick Corwin jogging alone and where oh where is she? Ah yes, far up the beach, the lonely quiet beach with no one around and only the fierce wind making all that racket and just a tap to send him sprawling, one tiny tap. Clifford Lansdale geared up high, pedal to the floor and headed straight for the target.

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon





4 thoughts on “9/30/12 featuring Starting Over

  1. ACK! Charmaine! When you said mayhem ahead, I didn’t think you mean MAYHEM! 😉 Scary six, lady. FYI, the link on the 6SS page goes to last week’s snippet. When I saw I’d already commented, I went looking for this week’s on your site.

  2. First off, yeah, this is a great bit of foreshadowing and darkness, thanks for sharing.

    As a technical note, I think that you accidentally saved this snippet as a wordpress ‘Page’ instead of a ‘Post’. That means that it doesn’t show up on your blog homepage with the other snippets; people have to click the permanent link on the menu to read it.

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