June 3, 2012


Welcome to another beautiful Sunday, Sixers and friends. This week the excerpt continues with Beth and Maverick, the pool guy, meaning separate from the herd. Husband Frank separated Beth from the herd when he abandoned her. Beth and Maverick design an enclosure for her Olympic size pool. He surprises Beth while she’s swimming.

excerpt: So close she dripped chlorinated water on his cowboy boots and again noticed age lines around his eyes, not as young as she thought. Maybe late thirties, early forties and she’s fifty eight and how often she’d heard women at the club talk about how many times does forty go into fifty eight. He kissed the hell out of her and suddenly her Lycra swim suit felt a size too small.

“Whoa, Beth said but he didn’t whoa; instead nibbled his way down her neck to slip one strap off o lick her skin. A gentle pull meshed their bodies together as he continued with merciless kisses, a tongue Beth dreamed of when she was young and every night since.

Maverick said, “I want to make love to you right now, if that’s okay.

www.sixsunday.com for more snippets

http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author page




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