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1/20/13 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am

Welcome Sixers and friends. I’ve welcomed your comments the past year and a half and hope we can keep in touch when SSS closes the door next week. It’s been a great run. Maybe it won’t end, hmm?

Diane O’Rourke and Tony Flannigan meet again. She’s at home on a Saturday night after working a full shift at the clinic. Alone with BooBoo the cat, she makes herself comfortable before scratching up some dinner.
excerpt in six:
I pulled a colorful print robe over my head so I could breathe and now for dinner.
 The husky male voice from the beach, from my fantasy in the shower, called this time from the screen door at the back.
  “Diane, it’s Tony from the beach this morning wondering all day how you’re feeling and I hope you don’t mind me stopping by like this.”
  Tony Flannigan, oh my God, it’s an omen like money in the bank. “Hey Tony, it just so happens. . .”
  and hurried to the screen door to let him into my life.
The Beginning (not the end)523800_3563845451216_18294486_n


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