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12/30/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am


Welcome Sixers and friends. Happy New Year to all. You’ve meant a lot to me with comments and friendship.

Last week, Dianne indulged in a fantasy starring Tony Flannigan with her in the cabana, in the shower. So far we have seen them on the hard packed sand in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. And now the pediatrician and the physical therapist in her wet dream.

excerpt in six:

His hands move down to my ample breasts as he pays careful attention to perky nipples standing at attention, and soaps each one as if they are priceless objects.

“My wife died two years ago from  anorexia; a wasted life over a compulsion. I haven’t looked at another woman since and then I fell on top of you, Diane and knew you weren’t a bag of bones. I ran my fingers through your glorious hair and wanted to touch you all over, feel your resilient flesh open to me.”

He soaps my back and slides his hands lower to cup my abundant buns while my insides melt and I tug at his shorts and there he is, a splendid specimen of male in my shower.

Breathless, I cry out, “Now, Tony, now. I can’t wait another minute,” and reach down to feel. . .nothing.


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10/14/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Starting Over

Hi Sixers and friends, last week the watcher,Clifford Lansdale set his dune buggy on a course toward Emily’s husband, Patrick. What happens next changes the course of Emily’s life. As always, I appreciate your comments.


Just a tap to send him sprawling, one tiny tap thought as Clifford Lansdale geared up high, pedal to the floor heading straight for the target. A slam in the middle of Patrick’s back sent him flying backwards onto the hood. The lawyer slid almost face to face with the windshield, his eyes already unfocused. The dune buggy drove on coming to a stop at water’s edge. Not quite what you had in mind, Cliffie, and breathing heavily, he climbed out of the buggy to get the lawyer off. Using forgotten strength, driven by an adrenalin rush, he tugged at the bloodied body until it was thrown clear landing where waves pooled over the remains of the clever lawyer, Patrick Corwin as his body swayed gently with each ebb and flow of the sea.

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Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon




July 22, 2012 Sin of Omission

Hi sixers and friends. Here we go again with another SSSunday. I love your comments so jump in though I’m way down on the list this week.

When you have an interracial relationship, lots can go wrong and when you keep a major secret from your lover and his sister, your best friend, the lie is too much to bear. Here Shelley finally confesses. In this scene, Shelley speaks to her best friend Charlie, Jimmy’s sister. As athletes, the young women had been roommates at Northwestern U in Evanston, IL.


“Charlie, you accepted me as a friend and roommate but how would you feel if I were to marry your brother and bring color into the lily white home of your Aunt and Uncle. I envied your life and all the love they have for you.” She took another deep breath and reached for the twins in Jimmy’s arms who relinquished them so readily it made her pause and when he again refused to meet her eyes, her mind moved on. “I’ve committed a sin of omission by not coming clean. If you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, we can work it out. Ball’s in your court.”

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