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11/18/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am

Today we have a beach, a young woman napping, almost buried under a blanket of packed sand with the tide coming in. Welcome Sixers to another adventure in this short story of romance with, of course, complications. Just like real life.


Pain and all the air whooshed out of me as something fell across my body.

A man’s voice deep, concerned spoke in a rush,  “I was running and tripped over. . .well I didn’t realize someone was under the sand and oh God, I hope you’re all right.”

“Oh,” I moaned and tried to get up but the sand held me down and so did he.  I opened my eyes and through the sunglasses saw Antonio Banderas, not really the actor but he sure looked like him. I almost said, “Kiss me before the tide washes away the sand and you’ll run screaming from my fatness,” but I didn’t. I just laid there like a lox on a plate, continued to moan and that’s the moment I fell in love with him: one of the moments.

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