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9/15/13 WEWRIWA a Community of Writers and Readers


Hi Gang, we’re fortunate when we survive nature’s fury. Bless the volunteers who repeatedly rescue survivors during the fires at the New Jersey shore communities and floods in Colorado. We take so much for granted.

Thanks for the comments. You boost my confidence every week.

I continue with my story Sin of Omission. Stunned to find he’s the father of twins, Jimmy Costigan has questions to be answered by the woman he’s loved since the moment he saw her. He asks, “Who guided you while I was playing college boy?”July 29, 2012 Sin of Omission

“A former Jesuit priest, Kirk Richards, helped me prayed for guidance and right or wrong, here we are. I don’t expect financial support or marriage,” Shelley took a deep breath, “all I want is for you to help me name them.”

Devoid of expression, Jimmy leaned in close, eyes narrowed, he said, “Why, you’ve done it all without me; name them yourself.”

“I want to be able to tell them their daddy chose the names; names are important.”

“So you didn’t think I was man enough to hear the truth, strong enough to accept responsibility and finish school but just a kid to be protected from life, huh?” His long hair fell across his face as he scowled, “We hardly know each other and now there are two more of us. You’ve had nine months to think and I’ve had less than a minute;” he stared down at his boots and recalled the only one who taught him a lot back in Utah; “Luke, Lucas; your turn.”

“Jacob,” Shelley said in a whisper, the second name caught the breeze to join the first, “Jake.”

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12/2/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am


Welcome Sixers and friends to December, the shortest day coming soon. Do we care? No. Because after that we add another minute of precious daylight to brighten our lives.

I continue with my short story, Love The Way I Am where the competent, insecure about herself, pediatrician meets the hands-on physical therapist and falls in love. Not exactly. She’s dazzled by Tony Flanagan. Enjoy my six.


“I’m in kind of a hurry to see a client in half an hour and I need a shower after a meeting like this.” Tony grinned and indicated his sand-covered hard body deliciousness where a six pack of ab muscles dared to show through.

The only heat between us would be the Florida sun once I stood up.  I had to be at the pediatric walk-in clinic before long, needed a shower and the tide was rolling in fast. I scrambled around on hands and knees gathering my belongings and finally struggled to a standing position. Clumps of sand fell off my body yet Tony stood there, waiting for me.

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11/18/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am

Today we have a beach, a young woman napping, almost buried under a blanket of packed sand with the tide coming in. Welcome Sixers to another adventure in this short story of romance with, of course, complications. Just like real life.


Pain and all the air whooshed out of me as something fell across my body.

A man’s voice deep, concerned spoke in a rush,  “I was running and tripped over. . .well I didn’t realize someone was under the sand and oh God, I hope you’re all right.”

“Oh,” I moaned and tried to get up but the sand held me down and so did he.  I opened my eyes and through the sunglasses saw Antonio Banderas, not really the actor but he sure looked like him. I almost said, “Kiss me before the tide washes away the sand and you’ll run screaming from my fatness,” but I didn’t. I just laid there like a lox on a plate, continued to moan and that’s the moment I fell in love with him: one of the moments.

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http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author page

http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7283 – one of the ibookbuzz book club selections this month, Yay! http://bit.ly/pfjmjs

9/23/12 featuring Starting Over

Hi Sixers and friends. I appreciate your comments as I continue with Starting Over. Emily and Patrick marry. She finds he is a complex troubled man letting his past interfere with their future. In this scene Patrick explains himself.


“I want you to know that I’m through looking in the rear view mirror at my past. You miss what’s right out in front of you, within reach. I’m through beating myself up over well-meant intentions gone wrong.  Now I promise you, my precious wife,” Pat stopped walking and faced her, “I’ll love you and take care of you always. You accepted me from the beginning at face value for who I am and who I could become. Thank you, Emily, I’ll never let you down.”

www.sixsunday.com for more snippets

http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author page

Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon