1/13/13 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am



Welcome Sixers and friends. I appreciate your feedback each week.ImageAnd now for another peek into the life of pediatrician Diane O’Rourke alone on Saturday night with her cat, BooBoo.

excerpt in six:

Nights are long in March, long and chilly with heavy winds blowing across the ocean. I thought about building a fire and got over it.  Boo Boo snaked around my ankles until I emptied a can of cat food into his bowl and he forgot about me. My new doctor’s jacket felt a bit snug when I finally removed it. What the hell, I thought, must be a different brand. NO, stop fooling yourself and admit you like to eat BUT you don’t live to eat and you’ve got to set a good example for your little patients so don’t overdo it.  










18 thoughts on “1/13/13 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am

  1. That a cat for you. Nice inclusion of her thoughts on things weight-related. I think most of us have wanted to believe our clothes have shrunk or the manufacturer is to blame at least once in our lives. Good detail.

  2. “Reach for your mate instead of your plate!”
    LOL Charmaine! I enjoy your comments as well as your writing! You’ve done a great job of getting inside her head! Great six! 🙂

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