12/30/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am


Welcome Sixers and friends. Happy New Year to all. You’ve meant a lot to me with comments and friendship.

Last week, Dianne indulged in a fantasy starring Tony Flannigan with her in the cabana, in the shower. So far we have seen them on the hard packed sand in St. Augustine Beach, Florida. And now the pediatrician and the physical therapist in her wet dream.

excerpt in six:

His hands move down to my ample breasts as he pays careful attention to perky nipples standing at attention, and soaps each one as if they are priceless objects.

“My wife died two years ago from  anorexia; a wasted life over a compulsion. I haven’t looked at another woman since and then I fell on top of you, Diane and knew you weren’t a bag of bones. I ran my fingers through your glorious hair and wanted to touch you all over, feel your resilient flesh open to me.”

He soaps my back and slides his hands lower to cup my abundant buns while my insides melt and I tug at his shorts and there he is, a splendid specimen of male in my shower.

Breathless, I cry out, “Now, Tony, now. I can’t wait another minute,” and reach down to feel. . .nothing.


www.sixsunday.com for more snippets

http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author page


16 thoughts on “12/30/12 Six Sentence Sunday featuring Love The Way I Am

  1. NOTHING?! ARGH! If the letdown she felt was anything like mine I *really* feel for her. I know I say this a lot, but I ADORE the humor you infuse in this story. This is exactly the type of voice I can’t put down. :c)

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