9/16/12 featuring Starting Over

Welcome Sixers and friends to another Six Sentence Sunday. Last week I introduced you to Emily Kendrick, a watcher with binoculars and a runner on the beach. This week we move on. Patrick Corwin, a lawyer, is the runner on the beach. After a few days of running with him, Emily invites Patrick to her swim and tennis club party.


Patrick escorted her outside, kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Goodnight, my little sweetheart.” When he breathed against her skin, she felt a tingle she’d missed since her husband died. A glow from the pleasant evening warmed her until she turned into her street and the good mood changed. It was always like that, coming home to an empty dark house. She must remember to leave some lights on. She wondered when grief would stop haunting her the way it showed up unexpected like an uninvited guest.

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http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author page

Starting Over by Charmaine Gordon           





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