August 12, 2012 featuring “Now What?”

Welcome back Sixers, friends, and readers Another good day to be alive. I’ll continue with newly widowed Carly Evans as she tries out life single after many years of being double. Not easy in a changed world where the rules of dating are different from what she recalled. After trying a quilting Bee and a bereavement group, Carly goes to Parents Without Partners and meets Bill. A few months of dinners and dancing and Bill invites Carly to meet his sister’s family upstate. She agrees but only if they stay at a hotel and not with the sister.


How sweet, how ecstatic the moment as the jar of creme Bill opened liquefied on my willing center.  I squirmed and cried out and couldn’t get enough as Bill caressed the tender folds, the small bud, and dipped inside. I’d love him forever, would kill for him, be a slave, do anything he wanted if he’d keep doing this magical thing and then a pause. “Don’t stop,” crazy me cried, “ don’t ever stop,” and the sound of foil ripping followed by Bill  entering the silkiness of me.  We rode the crest together as high as the highest surf before breaking on the shore.

The next morning alone in the bathroom, I caught the familiar scent of my beloved departed Bob’s Old Spice. for more snippets where you can read chapters on my author page


5 thoughts on “August 12, 2012 featuring “Now What?”

  1. What a wave! There’s definitely some major attraction between these two even if she is tormented, or feeling guilt by her loss.

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