July 29,2012 Sin of Omission

July 29, 2012 Sin of Omission

Hi Sixers and friends, clocks ticking away the days of summer. Hope all is well to enjoy the journey.

Today’s six follows Shelley’s confession to the secret she kept from her best friend Charlie with lover Jimmy Costigan present. A proud young woman, Shelley prays she hasn’t broken family ties forever. For relief she turns to basketball and the court behind Haven.


Two against one’s not fair just like back in Mobile, bussed to a better school, ignored by the cliques of girls in their perfect outfits; Shelley wanted to throw something. She ran to her room, stripping on the way to change into shorts, tee shirt, battered basketball shoes. The little girl from Mobile could buy new ones or get them free from a sponsor and outside she went through all the drills, thought about pro offers turned down.

She snapped a ball in Jimmy’s direction when he stepped out and he joined the game. They drank from the hose panting from the heat.

“I’ve had time to think and it’s not your color, Shelley ’cause I fell in love with you a long time ago; problem’s trust.

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