July 15, 2012 Sin of Omission

Jimmy Costigan looks out through the crowd of family and friends on graduation day and sees in the distance Shelley Jackson, the black basketballplayer he’s loved for a long time. She sent him away when he left for his senior year at Roosevelt Architectural University in Chicago. Heartbroken yet determined to do well, Jimmy wins the major award at school. He runs toward Shelley and finds that what she’s holding is more than a gift.


Shelley held two tiny babies wearing knitted miniature cowboy hats over auburn hair. “When we made love, I said I’d been on the pill a long time and somehow, your Costigan sperm  bypassed my so-called protection.”

“Wait a minute, just wait a darn minute,” as in disbelief, he stepped closer and said, ““How come they’re so white?”

Grandma Jackson said “High yella, it’s called. where some are well done and some are medium rare. Not often, but some have white features and dark skin, like Shelley.”

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10 thoughts on “July 15, 2012 Sin of Omission

  1. Oh no, a baby surprise + 2! Yikes! What a surprise indeed. I love his reaction and questioning the color. Great six as always!

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