April 29, 2012

Hi to all on this splendid Sunday. I welcome your comments. Although I may not write with the searing heat as many of my friends at SSS, there’s still heat, secrets, and always. . .danger.

Emily invites Patrick to her home at the beach for dinner. Instead of dinner, passion overcomes them .

excerpt: The gentlemanly Patrick almost tore off her shirt and when he saw her lace bra, he murmured, “I love lace.” He traced her nipples through the delicate fabric until she unhooked and let him taste the tender tips. Dressed for this special night, Emily stepped out of white shorts  revealing lace panties. Slowly Patrick dropped to his knees, voice hoarse with desire, “The main course.” Emily gasped as he dipped his tongue in the sweetest spot of all. Then lifting his head he smiled, “Hold onto my shoulders, Sweetheart, for the ride of our lives.”

www.sixsunday.com for more snippets

http://www.vanillaheartbooksandauthors.com/ where you can read chapters on my author pages






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