April 22,2012

Welcome SSS members to another Sunday and please don’t be shy about leaving comments. My writing is not always as hot as others but check it out. The heat factor is there..and the danger.

Emily Kendricks invites lawyer Patrick Corwin to meet at a party at her swim and tennis club. After a good time playing ‘getting to know you’ she’s ready to leave.

excerpt: Patrick removed the smallest cell phone she had ever seen from an inside pocket of his jacket, flipped it open, keyed in 911, and placed it in her hand. “Hold this in your left hand as you drive and be aware at all times of where you are, what street, what town.”

Seems overly cautious to me because I’m driving straight home just a few blocks away.” Emily felt uneasy and wondered why was Patrick so protective and territorial?

She tried to give the phone back but he shook his head.

I’ll get it next time we meet.”


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22 thoughts on “April 22,2012

  1. Hmm, if she’s just met him then his behaviour is a bit odd. Wonder why he is this much protective. Something in his past?

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